About Oddfellows

Jeremy + Maddie Burnside

Jeremy + Maddie Burnside
As a monument to the life’s work of these two “odd fellows,” their lives and this building will long inspire the people of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Welcome to Oddfellows!  We are the newest (and oddest) kid on the Boneyfiddle Historic block! We are so excited to share our offerings with other odd fellows in our region. 

Oddfellows offers a totally unique atmosphere with custom designed and handcrafted finishings made out of reclaimed lumber from this very building. However, the attention to design and detail does not end here. We have developed a food menu unlike any menu you have seen in our area. Our delicious selection of fresh, seasonally appropriate items will keep our customers excited to visit and on their toes in anticipation from season to season. Not to mention our custom tiled wood-fired ovens crank out the tastiest pizzas and chicken wings in town.

In addition to our amazing food offerings, our customer service and hospitality is truly top-notch and our experienced staff are here to ensure you leave one happy fellar! 

The vision of Oddfellow’s success goes beyond its own success. We feel the success of Oddfellows will help to contribute to the overall revitalization of downtown Portsmouth and the Boneyfiddle historic district. 

Oddfellows isn’t just a place to fill your appetite— come here to eat AND play! We offer four duckpin bowling lanes and ten arcade games which will be a hit for all ages!

The food and fun we offer fills a void our town has had for many years and our locals no longer need to travel 80+ miles for dinner and a good time— whether it’s date night or family night, you can do it all right here. 

Oddfellows is what it is today because of many different ideas and life events. The original plan for Oddfellows was to be located on the second floor of the very same building and be limited to gaming only. As time passed and the need for a high-quality food establishment became very clear, the idea for games AND yummy food were combined and it yielded the final product… ODDFELLOWS! 

Thank you for visiting our site and browsing around. We invite you to come down to the Boneyfiddle Historic District to visit our restaurant, play games and explore our awesome city.

… “at Oddfellows, it’s GAME ODD!” 👊🏼

Before and After

Oddfellows Building

Oddfellows Building